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What if God made New Year's resolutions?

What if God made resolutions instead of decisions.

God never created a resolution to make the world. Instead, he made a decision.

As we enter the new year, we feel that new spark of hope that this year we will finally craft our greatest version.

Our lists of resolutions are long as we feel energized by the feelings of new chances. However, by February that new feeling has faded and many of us stop going after what we desire. The fire goes out and we’re left with our old selves. What if God had made a resolution instead of a decision? What if after the first day or two the excitement of creating earth lost its spark, and he decided to just quit? What if he wasn’t firm in his reasoning because he really only made the resolution because he was on a motivated high?

Now we know that’s not how God would have operated, but it’s an interesting perspective. The moment I said God made a resolution to create the earth, many of you realized that could have been detrimental. Why?

Because we are aware that resolutions rarely get achieved. However, when we make a decision on something we must do, we make it happen. So this year, as we enter a new decade full of possibilities, I want to encourage you to make a decision about your goals, not a resolution for your hopes. I encourage you to take a strong stand toward your best version of the way God would have. I push you toward erasing the overflowing list of hopes, and instead ask that you replace it with core, mission-driven goals that will make you into the person you were born to be.

Prayers for your best year yet!

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